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Dusk in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf was the trip in which photography really started making sense to me. "Blessed" with a 14 hour layover in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, 4 fully charged batteries and a total of 128GB of memory ready to go, add to that a dope playlist filled with good music and you get the recipe for 10 hours of continuous shooting and exploration among the Rhine River.


FULL MOON (not actual size)

Do you ever stop to think that there is a giant sphere floating around this giant sphere that’s floating around another giant sphere? The laws of physics state that depending on the size of something it attracts certain objects towards each other. Don’t ever forget the fact that in this world sometimes certain people are only attracted to you due to the energy you bring. Let that energy be a positive one and allow it to bridge (pun intended) deeper and more meaningful connections as opposed to toxic and unstable ones. The moon was in full effect that night in the Rhine. Did I mention I loved my time in Düsseldorf? Despite how short it actually was.

Sometimes we’re so focused on something that we miss the beauty around us.

So many places to see don't you wish you could have two of you?

Not many words to say about Düsseldorf. The pictures say a lot more.

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